Roht Marine is Marshfield's premier, local, full-service marina, nestled on the banks of the historic North River. We strive to create a friendly and stress-free atmosphere to help you enjoy one of the most picturesque landscapes the South Shore has to offer. Sail in or stop by today and experience the difference. Whether you’re looking to bait up before heading out, get repairs for your vessel, or create the ultimate seaside adventure for your family or friends, we have the resources, expertise, and hands-on experience to make it happen.






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Prior to WWII, boating and yachting was largely reserved for the elite. The concept of having a small-town marina/boat launching ramp was a relatively novel concept at a time when Americans were looking to leave the woes of WWII behind them to start enjoying life in America as the country had emerged from the war as a new world leader. The opportunity to connect with nature whether it be swimming, camping, fishing, or boating was now a reality for more Americans and Mary’s Boat Yard made that dream a reality and increasingly more accessible to the average American. For the first time, someone who did not have their own boat could rent a small skiff and get out on the river for a few hours or an entire day. Mary’s original red, white, and blue boats are still in operation today and remain the only skiffs on the South Shore that can be rented for a one-day only contract. The marina had evolved into a mini-Mecca for family and recreational life on the North River. In more modern times, many remember pulling up to Mary’s dock to buy bait, a famous Mary’s hot dog, and an ice cream sandwich. For thousands of South Shore residents and beyond, Mary’s was known as a place where families made memories and established traditions that have spanned generations.

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When Roht Marine was established in 2012, the vision was to create an enhanced boating experience that would define boating on the South Shore for the new generation of boaters and nature-lovers. As South Shore residents, we all know that long, cold New England winters can only be remedied with a hot summer day, the smell of the ocean, and maybe even a whiff of boat fuel in the air. We spend our winters dreaming of those summer days and when we can afford it, traveling to warm places like Florida and the Caribbean to escape the cold and dream of the third of July. The structure of the marina buildings and ambiance were designed, combining Caribbean and New England architecture, to be engulfed with the sound and vibe of Reggae music that puts a smile on everyone’s face regardless of age. The overall consolidated vision was to provide an atmosphere that has you feeling like you’re on vacation. When you walk through the portico connecting the dock buildings, you see the sights, smells the smells, and hear the sounds of a relaxing vacation.





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